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News hit headline for video article (Display Headline)

Ratul Sarkar
Ratul Sarkar | Published 20.02.23, 12:15 PM

News that hit headline Here are the latest developments from India and abroad (Video Caption)

Actor-director-songwriter Anjan Dutt, who had made his debut in Mrinal Sen-helmed 'Chaalchitra' (Kaleidoscope), is all set to make a feature film based on the journey and hurdles that had come in the way during the making of the 1981 movie.

Dutt said that the film would also dwell on the relationship that he shared with the auteur, whose birth centenary is being observed this year.


"It is not a documentary or a docu-feature, not even a biopic, but an out-and-out feature film. I have had 43 years of relationship with Mrinal da, not only as an actor but someone who had assisted him. I am what I am today because of him. I have learned about the city from him.

"Not all of it will be shown in the film, but the making of 'Chaalchitra' and the period when I came in touch with him will be the central theme," Dutta, who had won the Best Actor award for the film, stated.

He said that the names of 'Chaalchitra' characters will be changed in the upcoming film.

"I won't hunt for lookalikes. The cast has to comprise talented actors, having the right kind of attitude... I will do the rest," he added.

"The film will show the wonderful chemistry between an anglicised boy, who smokes ganja and always speaks in English, and the director -- who is much older – and replies in Bengali. It will also paint a picture of the relations that had unfolded between them over a time period. Very few know about the crazy incidents that had occurred during shoots. There won't be fiction in the film," he explained.

Asked if he had someone in mind who could play his younger self, Dutt claimed that he has found a person with a similar lean frame that he had back then. The rest of the cast is yet to be finalized.

"This boy is doing his Masters in literature from Jadavpur University. He is a frail, tall boy with a bit of acting experience on stage. He is also very articulate," the actor-director gushed.

Dutta also revealed that he had, over the years, recorded short videos of Mrinal Sen as he walked in rallies, attended film screenings or simply ate at home.

"I have footage spanning nine to 10 hours. I wanted to edit it for an hour-long documentary. However, Mrinal Sen wanted me to make something on our personal equations, our rapport. His son Kunal Sen had asked me to delve into this aspect," he pointed out.

Dutt said the film will release by the end of the year.

"I also wish to produce the film. There cannot be any compromises in the making of this film," he signed off.

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